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Welcome To Echendu Oil and Gas Limited

We are a leading oil and gas service provider catering to the upstream ѕеgmеnt оf thе oil and gas іnduѕtrу. Wе аrе glоbаllу recognized for our proven expertise in exploration, production, and allied services. Echendu Oil is a place to be if you want quality services with great customer service experience.

Echendu Oil and Gas Ltd (EOGL) UK, is a private registered company in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Ghana, it was founded in the year 2009 by a vibrant young Nigerian Echendu Ndubuisi Anthony Humphrey popularly known as Engr Echendu.

We are experts and professionals in the following services  which include:

  • Offer oil field services for oil drilling tools READ MORE…


Echendu Oil and Gas Limited’s home office has a related link to about 10 production oil drilling tools materials company and consist of a team of about 65 professionals, experts with extensive knowledge of advisory transactions and experience working in the oil and gas industry with a fleet of state of the industry equipment and national network of premium third-party relationships guaranteeing seamless, consistent and industry leading experience at every point.

Echendu Oil and Gas Limited has been serving a wide range of oilfield services  companies, national oil companies, independent exploration and production companies and  integrated corporations worldwide.


Our experienced and dedicated Global Oil & Gas professionals anticipate mаrkеt trеndѕ, assess thеіr implications аnd wоrk wіth clients to help them manage their businesses efficiently and effectively.

Thrоugh the mobility оf our glоbаl rеѕоurсеѕ, wе рrоvіdе  the right people in the right places at the right time to serve оur сlіеntѕ. Our dеер industry fосuѕ hеlрѕ соmраnіеѕ  in the oil and gas industry meet their goals and compete more effectively.



At Echendu oil, we consistently exceed the expectations of customers, partners and employees.


We are forward thinking and creative in finding new ways of handling challenges and relentlessly pursue improvement in our operations.


We are committed to meeting the highest standard of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of all employees and making a positive impact on the communities where we do business.


Safety is an integral part of our culture. We are committed to providing a safe and respectful working environment for all with the appropriate safety procedures and policies in place to achieve our safety goals.


We are guided by the highest standard of ethical business conduct by implementing the ‘Do the Right Thing’ principle. We treat our employees, JV partners and customers with fairness, respect and honesty. We stand behind our promises and our goal is to build long term relationships.


To provide an excellent, innovative and world class services experience in the petroleum sector. Supporting our industrial customers with customer value proposition that will reduce operating costs and increase their efficiency. Supporting the economy through research and employment generating.


Consistent with our brand promise and base on the understanding of clients we offer total services relationship centered on providing customized services to meet the financial needs of our clients .our  objectives is to enhance the customers and stakeholders ability on their core activities.


We are wholly owned Nigerian and British oil and gas service provider in a petroleum industry, whose main aim is to help grow and create jobs for the economy of the nation through the believe of  our chairman and a philanthropist ENGR ECHENDU, BORN ECHENDU NDUBUISI ANTHONY HUMPHERY   . We are committed to making with you, to bring your business dreams to reality. We have an experience and devoted management team with local and international experts. Our setup means decision making.


Echendu oil is a leader in providing deep water development and production equipment with a top quartile performance in offshore drilling and project delivery.


Echendu oil has earned a top quartile performance in unconventional oil and gas services


Our portfolio of world class drilling and equipment procurement assets remains balanced resilient and focuses in area where Echendu oil is competively advantages.



At Echendu Oil and Gas (Echendu Oil), everything we do is dependent on the safety of our operations, workforce, contractors, as well as communities around us.

Echendu Oil strives to create and maintain a strong  Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) culture by putting the safety and security of our people, protection of human health and the environment, product stewardship and customer satisfaction, stakeholder engagement, and operational excellence at the forefront of our all our operations.

Consistent with our HSEQ commitments and policy, we undertake process safety reviews and planned general inspections to identify hazards, assess risks, and define risk reduction measures to minimize accidents and assure loss prevention and continual improvement of our processes.

Echendu Oil provides its personnel with the necessary tools and HSEQ trainings and competences required to carry out their tasks thereby improving our safety performance indicators with respect to workforce recordable injury frequency. We strive to improve the health and well-being of our staff and key stakeholders by organizing various health programs and campaigns which help improve the health and lifestyle of staff and the communities in which the Company carries out its operations.

The certification of our system to the ISO 9002: 2010 Quality Management Systems Standard helps us ensure that our products are properly managed in line with international best practices, throughout their life cycle, to meet customer and exceed customer expectations.

At Echendu Oil, the safe transportation of our products, from our plants and depots to service stations and customers nationwide, is an important focus area for us. This commitment is demonstrated by our adoption of best-in-class road transport safety principles and measures to reduce road transport incidents in our operations.

As an industry thought-leader, Echendu Oil will endeavor to maintain a front-row position in its HSEQ performance and will continue to reinforce its loss prevention infrastructure in accordance with the best available technology.