Engr Echendu Ndubuisi lands in Ghana to appreciate his team The Echendu Unify Ghana branch

Memories back as we welcome our founder Engr Echendu on a visit to congratulate the team Ghana branch for a successful outreach to humanity. On his Opinion during the lunch time with the team and as individuals, giving back to our communities makes us feel good, causes us to be more socially aware, and helps us bond with our colleagues as we team up to help those in need, in the quest for a great work-life balance.

Some companies have been known to give their employees matching bonuses, meaning when the employee receives a bonus for exceeding his or her sales quota, a donation of the same amount goes to a charity of the employee’s choice. This gives workers an added incentive to achieve higher results for the company. The founder Engr Echendu indicated that Giving is part of his life, for instance for over 17 years of hard work, he has always give to help the needy, the kids on the street, the sick mothers and feeding the homeless on the street. As a team we will continue helping the needy as long as the Foundation *”THE ECHENDU UNIFY”* exist. He also congratulated the team Ghana for their first project of the year.. As a philanthropist we will continue to unify people around us.

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