Engr Echendu birthday Appreciation speech

Engr Echendu , who’s a guru in the oil and gas , and investment company field, has poured out his heartfelt appreciation to those who wished him well on his birthday.

Echendu who wrote on his facebook handle @ ” Engr Echendu” said;

“Dear well wishers all over the world, most especially my family, friends, and my team out there who joined the world to wish me well on my birthday,
My heart is filled with joy. The happiness in me is exteremily much. I can’t express it enough.
Hearing so many kind words from you all made me to feel loved, honoured and excited.
Describing the level of joy in me is difficult. It was an unpredictable outcome on 28th October, for the show of love from you. I value and Cherish you all.
May the good Lord in His infinite mercies provide for you.
May he grants your desires. His love shall never depart from you all the days of your lives….Amen!.
As a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, will continue my good work to share the little I have.
For those in need of financial assistance, don’t be worried my team Echendu Unify will now handle all the problems, through, business financing, feeding the homeless on the street , empowering the young entrepreneurs, empowering the youth through skills acquisition.

For those seeking for employment through our oil and gas conglomerate Echendu Oil and Gas Ltd and investment company Echendu SkyHoldings, always follow our page and send your CV to:


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